Lay-in Wiring Reticulation

All Cabstrut Ducting, Splices and Accessories are prepunched with fixing holes that make installation a whole lot easier and quicker SAVING YOU TIME AND THAT MEANS MONEY!

  • NO POWER REQUIRED when running full lengths, just a rivet gun and the correct sized rivets. Pre-punched holes are slotted so there's no need to struggle locating the rivet especially when the duct isn't straight and level. Comes as standard on: P8200 / P8300 / P8000 / P7810 / P9000 / P9800 / P9810.
  • No pulling of cables necessary, all accessory covers are fitted after the wiring is complete! Suitable for all reticulation including lighting. Can be customised for special projects
  • New universal splices suitable for all duct sizes from 76x50 to 127x100. Simply bend on site for smaller profiles.
  • Traditional U shaped FOLD-FROM-FLAT splices are also pre- TM punched and available as an option
-in wiring ducting
Cable Tray CL130
Floor reticulation
floor reticulation lay-in ducting channels
floor reticulation lay-in ducting channels