Station master poles are designed to provide aesthetically pleasing power and data reticulation - typically in offices and retail stores. They’re made of aluminium and come with PVC covers installed from floor to ceiling. They’re are fitted with modular outlets at any height and hide unsightly cables and wires. Outlet kits accept all power and data modules and there is no limit to the number of outlets that can be stacked onto a single pole.

  • 3000, 3500, 4000 and 4500mm standard lengths
  • 57mm diameter
  • 4 compartment
  • CLIP-ON POLE KIT! Eliminates the need for screws and cover plates. Quicker and easier to install!
  • Pole kit comprises: Pole, PVC covers, base plate, ceiling flange and jack assembly
  • 5000mm, 5500mm and 6000mmm made to order
Unimod Pole