Floor Reticulation

  • 3UAA DUCT and accessories are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel to SANS 3575:2008 / ISO 3575:2005, normally grade Z275. 3UAA DUCT 220 x 35mm deep supplied in 3000mm standard lengths with breakout outlet points at 500mm centres.
  • 3UAA DUCT installed 35mm below surface level and needs an overall depth of 75mm minimum.
  • 3UAA DUCT SCREED FRAME / OUTLET KIT comprises; one Screed Frame 205 x 287 x 35mm (PG), one Disposable Concrete Ingress Prevention Plate (PG) and three 8Way Modular Outlet Plates (PG / EP GRY) - CTDR, WR-P, Veti 50mm high outlet compatible.
  • Fit Duct Screed Frame / Outlet Kit prior to screeding.
  • 3UA Universal Drawbox 300 x 300 x 65mm
  • PVC CARPET FRAME AND LID is flush floor mounted service outlet box fitting onto the 3UAA Duct Screed Frame and Conduit Access Floor Box.
  • PVC CARPET FRAME AND LID has a single PVC moulded Top Cover with a steel plate (PG) for extra strength, two PVC moulded Cable Hoods and a PVC moulded flanged Carpet Trim (Frame).
  • PVC CARPET FRAME AND LID has, in addition to the PVC moulded flanged Carpet Frame or Trim, a separate large Carpet Frame Protector / Leveling Plate (PG) (295 x 375mm) which is placed directly beneath the Carpet Frame onto the screed. The Protector Plate helps protect the PVC Carpet Frame from damage caused by uneven flooring.
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