Cab-strut Design Data

Allowable uniformly distributed loads are listed for various simple spans. If load is concentrated at centre of span, multiply load from table by 0,5 and corresponding deflection by 0,8.

125 N/mm2 - Recommended for use where deflection is not a factor on long spans.

This is the vertical displacement of a product under load, measured on the flanges at mid-span; deflection under load is not directly related to the strength of the product but visually it is of obvious aesthetic importance and for this reason may well be a principal design criterion. Deflection is directly proportional to the applied load, thus doubling the load will double the consequent deflection. Any load will, if applied at one point, cause approximately twice the product deflection that it would if the load were uniformly distributed along a complete span. Span 1/200 - recommended for use when deflection is a factor.

Column loadings are for allowable axial loads for the unsupported heights listed. If loads are eccentric, loads should be reduced according to standard practice.